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Welcome to My 3-D Intarsia Art Site

Intarsia Artist LeUmas - otherwise known as Samuel G. H. Parkinson

My name is Samuel Parkinson. I use the licensed registered tradename of Le Umas.

I have been doing wood carvings since I was a child. Recently, I've taken an interest in 3-D intarsia wood working.

I'm a left-handed, right-eye dominant dyslexic person with poor vision. I can't read unless I have my glasses on, which makes wood carving particularly hard.

Because I've been teased about (both) my first name and my last name my entire life, I didn't want to use them on my wood carvings. So, I chose a simple screen name that spelled 'Samuel' backwards. Le Umas sounds like Lee You-Mass.

As much as I would've loved to have gotten married and had children, the opportunity never presented itself. However, I consider myself lucky because I have two very wonderful nieces whom I think the world of.

I was baptised and raised as a member of the Zion Lutheran Church and confirmed as a methodist. I have spent four years studying other religious beliefs, as well. I don't discriminate against any religions as I have a Christian background.

This website is to help get the word out and get people interested in my 3-D intarsia woodworking art. As you browse through my 3-D intarsia woodworking projects, you will see a good representation of my woodworking skills. More 3-D intarsia art will be listed, as I work on more projects.

I will not be selling my projects directly on this website but I plan to list my woodworking projects in an auction with the proceeds going to a charity. You can contact me to find out when the auction is or you can keep checking back on this website for more details on the auction, as they will be coming.

3-D intarsia interactive wooden clock
3-D intarsia interactive lighted Jesus on a Cross
3-D intarsia wooden tractor art
Not Available
This 3-D intarsia
art will be auctioned off.
(Details are coming soon)
Not Available
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