3-D Intarsia Art by LeUmas

3-D Intarsia Wood-Carved Art Sculptures

Each of the 3-D interactive intarsia wood-carved art sculptures that you see on this website are original. They each have their own 'Certificate of Authenticity' to show that it's unique and original and was created by me.

You will find intarsia projects are usually 3-D and interactive, which makes them even more unique than most other intarsia art work.

My 3-D Intarsia Wood Art projects are not for sale outright. Instead, they will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to charity.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my 3-D interactive intarsia wood-carved art sculptures.

Click on the photos to see detailed photos and to learn more about each of my wood carving projects:

Interactive Wooden 3-d Intarsia Clock and Photo frame

Interactive Wooden 3-D Clock

Lighted Wooden 3-D Intarsia Jesus

Lighted 3d wooden intarsia Jesus on crucifix art.
3-D Wooden Intarsia Tractor

3-D Wooden Intarsia Tractor


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