3-D Intarsia Art by LeUmas

Wooden 3-D Intarsia Clock Box

This interactive wooden 3-D clock box is highly detailed and was created for my niece as a graduation gift so it is not available. I have only listed it on my website so that you can see the woodworking skills of my 3-D intarsia art projects.

This unique interactive clock can be seen up close by clicking on each of the photos:

3D intarsia interactive wooden clock art
Working 3D clock is interactive intarsia art
Certificate of Authenticity 3-D Intarsia Wood Art by Artist LeUmas.
3-D Interactive
Intarsia Wood Clock
Side View
3-D Interactive
Intarsia Wood Clock
Clock View
Certificate of Authenticity
Pattern for
Interactive 3-D Intarsia Clock

Will be signed by Artist

This interactive 3-D Intarsia Wooden Clock is made out of these types of wood:

  • Black Walnut
  • Red Cedar
  • White Aspen Inlay
  • Tiger Wood
  • Green Poplar
  • White Pine

The interactive parts, that make this wooden clock unique, are:

  • If you push the tip of the clock down, you will see the doors open.
  • If you turn the knob, the doors will open up on the back side.


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