3-D Intarsia Art by LeUmas

What is 3-D Intarsia Wood Art ?

3-D Intarsia Art is a simply a wood carving craft form that involves taking a pattern and cutting it out using different types of wood. Once the wooden pieces are cut out, the wood pieces are put together in a way that combines the various textures, colors, and grain patterns to form a unique and beautiful wooden 3-Dimensional art piece or 3-Dimensional wooden sculpture. Most intarsia wood art is coated with a clear topcoat so that the various colors, grains, and textures of each wood stand out.

The intarsia pattern can be anything from simple shapes to more intricate wood carved designs. Experienced intarsia artists usually create their own patterns. I, personally, take it one step further and I make each of my designs interactive. I have doors that open, or lights that come on, or handles that turn. The interactivity is what makes my 3-D intarsia wood art sculptures unique.

A beginner might want to work with just one piece of wood, which is called 'segmentation' instead of 'intarsia', which involves using different types of wood. Another difference of segmentation art vs. intarsia art is that segmentation art is more often found to be painted or have wood or painted 'highlights'. Intarsia art usually uses the various woods as highlights instead of colored paint.

Intarsia wood carving is an art that is time and labor intensive. Most early examples of Intarsia wood carved art has been found in churches and the homes of the wealthier class.

Intarsia art was thought to have originally started in Italy sometime in the 13th century, and thought to have been brought back by the early travelers and explorers.

Intarsia art had become a somewhat lost art because of the degree of difficulty, however, now - with the invention of modern day tools it has become more popular again in recent years since it can now be created much easier with just a design or an idea, a scroll saw, and some wood.


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